Summer Stock


Summer Stock is a simple idea that works.  Go where the food is and busy people are eager to help their neighbors.
Gently ask shoppers as they enter the store if they would like a purchase an item or 2 (or more!) from a list of nutrient dense food which the Community Food Pantry distributes daily to the people in McKinney facing hunger.
When generous shoppers bring the contributions out of the store, take the food, place it in the wagon and a need has been met.


At the end of the day (or more often during busy days), 3e McKinney takes the food to the food pantry and volunteers ar the food pantry take it from there.
The program works for volunteers of all ages and interests.  Working in 2 hour shifts virtually every Saturday this summer, the volunteers were the link between people who have food and those who need it.
Market Street was hospitable in every way.  They ordered extra quantities of the items on the list, provided display food for the items on sale to help shoppers stretch their funds to provide more donations.  They cared for our volunteers, housed our wagon and showed a true interest in the food collected and the difference it would make for our
Thank you to all the volunteers who make this program a success in 2016.  We will be back in 2017.  Will you help?