3e Needs You! Watch this space for job posting of 3e Executive Director position.

Jim Smith

Executive Director-Retired

The time has come move to the next chapter of my life of service.  I have been personally blessed to serve our community by sharing God's love in ways that make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.  I look forward to advocating for our under-resourced neighbors in the areas of affordable housing and living wage employment.
 Vaya con Dios,                                                                     
You can reach me now at:  smith.jim1956@gmail.com

Farwell to the 3e Version 2.0 Team


Nancye Ashley

Associate Director-Retiring Soon

I have loved my "last" career at 3e McKinney.  However, the time has come to move into my second retirement.  I am staying at 3e while the board of directors determines the direction of 3e McKinney and selects a new Executive Director.  He/She will then work with the board to determine staff requirements.  Will keep the lights on for you.
The new 3e phone number is 469-631-0129.

Find a job doing what you love and you will never work another day of your life.

Although this is not an original statement, it defines the way Jim and Nancye have approached every opportunity at 3e McKinney.  Thank all of your for the memories.