3e McKinney Executive Director/CEO Job Description

The Executive Director is primarily responsible for planning, coordinating, organizing and leading the activities of 3e McKinney and fulfilling its mission. These duties may include, but are not limited to, mobilizing the Body of Christ to bring care, hope and transformation to McKinney and incarnational living to empower the under-served to long-term self-sufficiency.

The ED leads the organization, manages the daily operations, relationship building and networking, marketing efforts, seeking out grant sources, coordinating proposals, and is responsible for fundraising for the organization and its mission.  The ED has the responsibility of raising organizational funds from church partners, corporate donors, individuals, and grants. The ED reports to and provides information to the board and follows through on special projects and assignments; oversees the annual budget and monitors the allocations during the fiscal year. Also insures required reporting to IRS in order to maintain our 501(c)3 status.

The successful candidate will have the highest moral and ethical standards, self-accountability and confidence. H/She will be a creative self-starter and a team leader/player with excellent organizational, speaking, and writing skills. H/she needs to feel comfortable speaking to large groups, managing teams, chairing committees, and working independently; and modeling energy, passion and strong work ethic.

Key Reponsibilities:

  • Engage community neighbors in long-term relationships.
  • Equip our community to live together in love, grace and compassion.
  • Empower the materially under-resourced to long term self-sufficiency and human flourishing.
  • Cultivate and sustain positive and productive relationships between the 3e and other service providers, funders, community leaders, and 3e colleagues.
  • Motivate and guide the board of directors to establish and evaluate overall organizational goals and to accomplish their responsibilities in meeting those goals.
  • Help build mission, governance, and fundraising skills among board members.
  • Steadily increase member/client, and public knowledge of 3e strengths and accomplishments, and attract and involve new members/supporters, and renew increasing numbers of supporters.
  • Represent and effectively communicate the organization to the public, the media, grant makers and current and potential donors throughout the communities being served.
  • Network with churches, business, city, and other nonprofit sector service and advocacy organizations, locally and regionally.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.


  • All people are created in the Image and Likeness of God, with unique gifts and abilities and are capable of stewarding their own lives, families and communities; when there is equity for all, freedom from oppression and access to networks of opportunities.
  • Develop by identifying and investing in local assets.
  • Work from a participatory approach, which seeks community ownership and leadership and includes appreciative inquiry, asset based development, indigenous ownership of “idea creation” to “final goal” process.
  • Work is intrinsic to being an Image Bearer. We should never under cut one’s ability to live out their vocation.
  • Believe that in “whole” cities, people who have equal economic opportunities, are equally self-sufficient, and participate equally in political and civic life regardless of their socio-economic status.
  • As a Christian organization, we believe God calls us to love our neighbors, seek justice, break bonds of oppression and be compassionate to those who are suffering.
  • Do not violate the “Iron Rule”, which is to never ever do for another, what they can do for themselves, which simply says, people must be given the opportunity to think for themselves to solve the issues in their life or community. Paternalism disempowers people and creates dependency.
  • Understand that the end result is not as important as the process.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in the fields of business, leadership, education, human services, or related fields
  • Demonstrated success in leadership, communication, and financial management
  • Experience in nonprofit service, fiscal, grant, contract, public relations and human resources management, or community leadership
  • Demonstrated leadership/track record in fundraising and capacity building
  • With the weight of this role, it is crucial that this person is connected to a local, family of Christian faith.


3e McKinney offers competitive compensation and benefits relative to organizations of its size and mission. The position offered has a range between $50,000-$70,000 depending on experience and qualifications.


The Executive Director appointment begins January 1, 2018.


For consideration, please submit a cover letter and resume to the attention of the Search Committee (via email only) by November 30. Please email any questions to: jared@rheasmill.org  and include your phone number in the query.